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Love in the Desert

Livia Lang

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Billionaire Oren Moore doesn’t know how to relinquish control. The last thing he wants to do is be away from his office, but his friends and family have forced him to take a vacation. A trip to the Sahara seems like the perfect way to get everyone off his back, especially if it includes a gorgeous, strong-willed pilot!

Mary Kubar flies spoiled tourists around for a living, but it’s a price she’s willing to pay to stay in the skies. Quiet, calm and endlessly professional, Mary isn’t looking for love. Especially from her blonde, workaholic passenger!

When a plane crash leaves the two stranded alone, they have to work together quickly to survive. Will they learn to trust each other as they race across the sand towards rescue? And can that trust turn into something more serious...or will it evaporate under the brutal desert sun?

Women's Fiction Action & Adventure Romance Chick Lit

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