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Blood War

Ali Barnett Kennedy

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My name is Jasmine Droshky. I am an orphan whose parents died when I was little. I was taken to an orphanage where the older bullies bully me until I realized my hidden powers fought back which put them in the hospital. Afterward, the other kids at the Orphanage stayed clear of me because they were scared of what I could do. When I was fourteen years old, Ortis and Miranda Fenty, a renowned but barren scientist couple, adopted me. The Fenty's showered me with love. However, Mr. Ortis Fenty was performing experiments on how to harness superhuman powers in his laboratory at home, not realizing I had superpowers myself.
When they realized that I had superpowers, they began experimenting with me.
Orgadis Mautus, an evil mutant Lord, has also discovered some youngsters that have superpowers too. He brainwashes them for his evil cause. Soonest, evil things begin to occur in The State of Michigan. Although Ortis and Miranda try to stop me from intervening, I try to prevent them from hurting others. However, when I learn that Orgadis Mautus is my father, everything changes because he is the reason my mother is dead.

General Fantasy Teen and Young Adult General Thrillers

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