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Blood of the Dragon King

J. Boothby

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5.0 Stars
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A dragon, a fae, a werewolf, and a secret agent walk into a whiskey bar...

Kylie Walker is a harbinger, a daughter of Dragons. Trained in secret, she was the only thing standing between a mad Dragon King and his conquest of everything and everyone she knows and loves.

She won. But now the dragons are back! And they're not alone...

On Earth, a deadly attack at doorstep of Poe's Whiskey and Chili Extravaganza sets terrible events in motion. As the mystery deepens, conspiracies emerge and so do old allies--and old enemies too. Pushed to the limit, Kylie will come to question everything she thought she knew about her friends, her family, and most of all about herself.

What do you do when everything you've known and loved is gone?

You dig down deep. You find your own strength. You trust your blood.

And when your blood is the blood of dragons? Then everyone else had better watch out...

Fans of Ilona Andrews, Jim Butcher, K.F. Breene, and Patricia Briggs will love the blend of urban fantasy and magical adventure in Blood of the Dragon King, from award winning writer J. Boothby!

General Fantasy

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