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Only One I Want

Tmonique Stephens

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Touched by the divine, Amaya Prince is a weapon, existing for one purpose--kill all creatures of Hell, including UnHallowed. But when the Archangel Michael approaches her with words she's longed to hear since childhood, she can't refuse his plea for help.

For UnHallowed Bane, nothing is more important than returning to Heaven and rejoining the Celestial Order. The former warrior angel has spent millennia on Earth atoning for his betrayal. When Michael offers him a shot at redemption, he accepts...even if it means deceiving his fellow UnHallowed.

Each with their own agenda, Bane and Amaya must put their differences aside and rely on one another in order to protect mankind from demons determined on opening the portal to Hell. But with secrets unfolding and passions flaring, humanity won't be the only thing at stake.

Paranormal Romance General Fantasy

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