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The Princess's Treat

Freia Ricola

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Halloween is spookier than usual this year.

Just before Halloween weekend in Tokyo, best friends Miyabi and Kanna finish work for the day and arrange for a sleepover at Miyabi's place. A movie, maybe a few drinks, and a steadfast refusal to answer the door to any pesky trick-or-treaters are the proposed plan.

But before they can get together for their weekend of fun, they find themselves transported to a strange, alternate dimension version of Tokyo where pallid yellow clouds rage above and green fire burns and crackles across the decayed buildings around them. As they begin exploring this lonely and eerie place, Miyabi discovers that she has been blessed with some extra equipment.

It seems they'll get their weekend of fun in a way neither had bargained for, but the real question is whether they'll ever get back home...

Heat level: FxF Erotic Futa Romance.

Length: 12,000 word novelette.

(Author's Note for potential reviewers: futa is normally erotica, but my work is not. It's story-first that happens to have explicit content involving FxF relationships where one (or more) of the girls has extra equipment. If you're into FxF/lesfic, my books might interest you even if you've not tried futa before. I invite you to try. If it's not for you, send me a message and cancel your pledge to review, no hard feelings. For any futa fans who might see this, if you're into Japanese media, my books are likely to be of interest. Hope you enjoy, and thanks!)

Erotic Romance LGBT Romance New Adult Romance

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