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Achieving True Democracy: A New Breed of Party as Realistic Next Step

Peter Monien

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This is a book for frustrated (non) voters who are interested in politics but fed up with politicians and the situation of only being able to choose the lesser evil.

It is for voters who believe in democracy and seek a realistic solution as the next step to solve our representational crisis.


"The vision of a new party model by Peter Monien is well thought out and offers many starting points for making democracy more direct and taking advantage of technological progress. The book asks the right questions and approaches the question of more citizen participation at the federal level in a pragmatic and prudent manner. The model has the potential to make existing parties superfluous. - Let's project our preferences to the Parliament! By proxy party."
-Mehr Demokratie e.V. (Germanies largest pro-democracy association), mdmagazine 3.2019

“Achieving True Democracy is an inspired reimagining of what the democratic process could be if we reorganise representation along truly decentralised, democratic lines. Peter’s work represents a practical, actionable way forward to achieve this most desperately needed of outcomes across every echelon of the disconnected global political scene.”
-Rich James, co-founder Decentr

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