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Rise of The Overlord: A Prelude to The Calamity

Kevin Potter

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Enter a world where the cost of magic is life itself and two races are locked in an ages-long conflict built on the lies of the gods.
Vilhelm, a human from the eastern Free-States, was taken for training before he could walk. Battle is almost all he knows. But when he’s sent on a secret mission across the sea, with enemies on all sides, he begins to question everything.
Loyyul, one of the winged serpents from across the eastern sea, doesn’t care about being a warrior or a hero. He only wants to make his family and his tribe proud. But when he comes face-to-face with his race’s two oldest enemies, he must make an impossible choice.
Man and serpent both carry secrets so dark, they are unknown even to themselves. Secrets which could spell disaster if they come to light. But could those secrets be the key to saving both their races?
When the prophesied Calamity strikes, can mortal enemies overcome their inborn conflict and join together to save their world?
If you enjoy rapid page-turning suspense wrapped up in dark-themed epic fantasy, pick up your copy of Rise of the Overlord today!

General Fantasy General Action & Adventure General Suspense

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