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The Value System

Malcolm J. Wardlaw

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“Nothing will have prepared you for the extreme economic logic I have pioneered in my Value System.”

Lawrence Aldingford arrives at a mysterious camp deep in the marshes of eastern England. He has been condemned to eight years’ slave labour for crimes he did not commit. This camp—the Value System—proves to be the living nightmare of a criminally insane mind. No one is ever released. No one has ever escaped. Lawrence is facing a life sentence.

He has three options: endure hell, commit suicide, or be the first to escape. Very quickly, he vows he’ll escape or die trying. But when he approaches old-timers to join him in a break, not one is interested. The savages of the marshes inflict horrific deaths on those who break out of the Value System. No one has ever escaped.

Then the camp owner stuns Lawrence by offering him a job. He can be free and rich—and criminal. Strangely, another inmate, a eunuch called Antonio Pezzini, gets the same offer the same day.

They’ll be shot if they refuse, yet neither can bear serving such a crook. They must escape, and quickly.

Winter is falling.

The Value System is the second part of the Sovereigns of the Collapse dystopian saga.

General Science Fiction General Action & Adventure General Thrillers

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