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Plain Jane and the Billionaire's Seduction

Tmonique Stephens

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4.5 Stars
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Who wants to fall in love with a billionaire? Not Calista Coleman.

Never trust a liar.
Never trust a cheater.
Unfortunately, Calista fell in love with both. What else could one expect from an asshole with nine zeros behind his name? Julius Morgan--playboy billionaire--stole her heart, but she stole it back. And no amount of flowers or apologies will fix it. Don't say "I love you" then plant your lips on another woman.

He didn't lie.
He didn't cheat.
Unfortunately for Julius, Calista believes both. It's easier for her to run away than deal with the burgeoning feelings between them. He's a patient man, however. He didn't accrue his fortune by making rash decisions. Wherever she runs, he will follow. But when his enemies become hers, they'll have to set aside their differences and work together or risk losing everything and everyone they love.

Contemporary Romance Action & Adventure Romance General Romance

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