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Death by Decent Society

Malcolm J. Wardlaw

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Since the financial Armageddon, it’s been guns, gold and slaves. And secrets—lots of dirty secrets.

Donald Aldingford lives inside the walled city of London where he survives as a barrister. He does not possess an estate with thousands of slaves. This means he’s not ‘decent’; he’s a commoner. What’s more, he’s a commoner who knows the secrets of powerful people. That makes him a disposable commoner.

On a flight to see a client, he gets shot down and jailed for violating private airspace. This captivity opens his eyes to what happens on private estates. It’s quite a shock to see how ‘decent’ people treat their slaves. He’s outraged to learn his own brother Lawrence has been condemned to eight years of slave labour for crimes he did not commit. Donald has a social conscience! After his release, he starts to share this social conscience with an attractive young woman from outside the city walls. She’s a leading revolutionary.

Powerful eyes are watching Donald. They’re going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Death by Decent Society is the first part of the Sovereigns of the Collapse dystopian saga. The remaining four books are all available to pre-order now and will be launched to the following schedule:
Aug 4th — Book 2: The Value System
Aug 25th — Book 3: The Church of Nuclear Science
Sep 15th — Book 4: Operation Ultimate
Oct 6th — Book 5: Nuclear Nightminster

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