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TAREK, Lords of Wrath MC

Nikki Landis

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4.5 Stars
From 10 Reviews

A 30k word novella in a new series! Paranormal shifter MC!!!

A worthless half breed.
Drunken troublemaker.
Ex con.
Vengeful Prick.

I've been called all those names and much worse.
Hell, at one point or another I've lived up to them all.
My only real home, my only real family is the MC.
I'd die for my brothers. I'd kill for my family . . . and I'd sell my soul to keep my place in the pack.
Loyalty is everything.
Maybe that's why I didn't see the betrayal until it was too late.
Now I'll seek vengeance with my last breath and I'm not alone.
Justice is swift . . . especially when you ride with the hounds of Hell.

☑️ Bounty Hunter
☑️ Shifter
☑️ Biker
☑️ Navajo Indian

The first in the Lords of Wrath MC series of hell-raisers that fiercely protect their brothers in arms, their women, and . . . their secrets.

Paranormal Romance General Fantasy General Suspense

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