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A Shot in the Texas Dark

Russ Hall

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When a full-blooded Cheyenne called the Bone Lady asks Al Quinn to find her missing daughter Gerta he soon realizes he can find no trail, no starting point. Forced to grab at glimmers and hunches that lead him to the seamy edge of a hidden child porn industry, Sheriff Clayton asks Al, even though he is a retired department detective, to cooperate with an undercover FBI agent. Al’s pal Fergie flat out thinks the Bone Lady is one of the scariest women she’s ever met, and not just because she works in a butcher shop, but because some bodies begin to show up sliced up like a holiday ham. Each effort to find Gerta leads down a new dangerous path, from Russian mafia types to his old foes connected with the Mexican cartels. It may be that this time he just has to take a shot in the dark.

General Thrillers General Suspense

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