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Reawakened: Chronicles of Cas Book 1

E. M Moore

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4.3 Stars
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Salem's magic has always stayed hidden...until now.

Salem Public Library’s own Cas Marston has a secret. With the blood of countless Ley Line Guardians running through her veins, there are certain expectations on her shoulders…expectations that have nothing to do with cataloging books.

For centuries, Ley Line Guardians have kept Salem's magical ties a secret from the outside world, but when ley energy begins blasting out over Salem, Cas finds herself with a bit of an issue. One she needs to put a stop to—and fast. With her brother missing and the city nearing disaster level, the local coven offers a solution. Torn between family and duty, Cas is faced with an impossible decision that will seal fates…one way or another.

Will Cas find a way to fulfill her duty as Salem's Ley Line Guardian? Or should she heed her brother's last message…and run?

Reawakened is a fast paced, edge-of-your-seat Urban Fantasy that packs a punch! If you like to read the work of Annie Bellet and Patricia Briggs then you will love E. M. Moore and her hot new series Chronicles of Cas!

General Fantasy Paranormal Romance

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