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Lost Boy

Beau Brown

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4.9 Stars
From 7 Reviews

Omega Jessie has a heartbreaking secret. Something so dark and painful, two years ago it made him run from his best friend, turned lover, Baker. But being away from Baker was too painful, and now he’s back, and asking for forgiveness.

Alpha Baker has worked on The Tumbleweed Ranch much of his life. He was crushed when Jessie left and froze him out of his life completely. He’s done his best to move on, but no one touches his heart the way Jessie did.

When Jessie returns, Baker tries to ignore him. He can’t, and won’t, forgive Jessie for betraying his love all those years ago. But ignoring someone who you thought was your soulmate is easier said than done.

This 62,000 word story is book four in Beau's Red Sky, Texas Mpreg Series. It's filled with angst, male pregnancy, smexy times and all of the warm fuzzy feelings you expect from an Mpreg romance by Beau Brown.


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