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The First Seal

sean deville

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Enter a world where a secret war has raged between demons and fanatical religious assassins for centuries.

Lilith's childhood was ended by a violent man cursed with black eyes and a blacker heart.
Instead of laughter and innocence, all Lilith was left with was pain, suffering and a lust for vengeance.

Inducted into the ranks of a secret catholic order of assassins, Lilith knows no other purpose than to slaughter the demonic hordes.
She is known not by her name, but by her rank.  Inquisitor.

But the balance has shifted, for unseen and unknown, a dark force has risen upon the Earth
The Seals holding closed the Gates of Hell are weakening.
When they finally break, the world will be ripe for the taking.

Satan's child, a man of wealth, power and unspeakable destiny is here.
When the Antichrist finally reveals himself, 7 billion people won't stand a chance. And as for the survivors…they will wish they were never born.

General Horror

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