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Keto Kids Lunch Parents Edition: Tackling Child Obesity One Day at a Time, With 40 Easy-To-Make Delicious Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Recipes, Perfect for School and at Home.

Eva Iliana

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A happy child is a happy home life.

You’re 9 again--living at home, going to school, not giving a second thought about what food goes into your mouth.

Will it give me lasting energy?

Will it support healthy growth?

Who cares!

Does it taste good?

In comes chips, fruit snacks, and cookies to the rescue.

You happily munch on your treats as you sit in front of the television and watch your favorite cartoons.

This is all great--the recipe for a temporarily happy child--but what will happen once your blood sugar levels drop, or your stomach begins to disagree with what you fed it?

Irritability, laziness, mood swings--everything you don’t want to witness first-hand in a child.

The food you put into your body directly impacts your overall well-being, and it’s especially important for children to get the proper nutrition they need in order to grow healthy and strong, and to lead active lives.

As obesity skyrockets to new heights in U.S. children and is now one of the leading causes of death, the main culprit is the food eaten: processed sugars and simple carbs.

By following a lifestyle that focuses on what our bodies need rather than relying on quick food fixes, you will be paving the way for a truly happy child, and in more than just one way.

n Keto Kids Lunch: Parents Edition, you will discover:

The secret to getting your kids to eat healthy, even if they’re notorious picky eaters

The blueprint to securing the health of your child, following them from now and into their adulthood

40 keto-friendly recipes that will satisfy the entire family while also saving you time in the kitchen

A keto twist on your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods

How starting your child on a keto diet will improve more than just the physical aspects of their health

9 common keto myths that often deter the people who could benefit from it the most, and why it’s not so scary after all

How to prep your meals in advance and keep them fresh (yes, that means you won’t have to cook every day!)

And much more.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a pro in the kitchen to follow these simple recipes. They don’t require any fancy ingredients, and they’re the perfect addition to any day of the week.

Although your child may show some resistance when you first introduce keto to them, bare in mind that this resistance is only temporary. Over time, he or she will get accustomed to it and may even admit that they like eating keto foods over their typical junk food go-tos.

With the will to implement a healthier lifestyle, the patience to understand the how-tos, and the knowledge to cook nutritious meals for your child, nothing can stop you from succeeding on the keto diet.

Before you know it, you’ll be witnessing a healthier, happier, more lively child running around your living room.

In the end, if it can improve your child’s quality of life, isn’t that all that matters?

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