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Atlas Rose

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King Vavilion has fallen…and a new monster has taken his place.
Kamoril is a King like no other.

Cruel. Hateful. Controlling.

He likes to play mind games.

He likes to think I’m weak.

But I’m not weak, nor am I alone.

Three Hexers have guarded my door since I was young. Three who watch me, who shadow me...who do their best to protect me from Kamoril’s wrath…and in return I stay out of their heads.

Our alliance has served me well…until my sister, Ever, came to Elysium.

Now I don’t have just Kamoril to contend with…I have Vavilion waiting in the wings.

He wants justice. He wants retribution.

And if he can’t find my sister…he’ll take me instead.

But Kings can corrupt other Kings, and when both my predators grow tired of waiting, not even my connection with the Hexers will be enough to keep me safe.

In the darkest of nights the Kings come for me and my Hexers must make a choice.

Freedom...or love.

Paranormal Romance Romantic Suspense Action & Adventure Romance

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