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The Rebirth Saga

J.P. Cianci

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4.8 Stars
From 2 Reviews

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If you could Rebirth to lose the pain of the past, would you do it?

Even if it meant losing the joy of the past too?

When eighteen-year-old Dayanara encounters the resurrecting being, Dorian, she becomes entangled in the fiery world of the phoenix, setting upon a journey to answer the dreaded question that all phoenixes must: To Burn, or not to Burn.

"Screen-worthy" and "powerful." - Hollywood's script hub, The Black List

"In the words of Ronald Weasley, 'that was bloody brilliant.'" - NetGalley Review

"Extravagant." - Amazon Review

"A must-read for fantasy readers." - Goodreads Review

General Fantasy Teen and Young Adult

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