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Damian and Logan Dragovich aren’t ordinary twin brothers. Damian is a vampire, and two minutes older, while Logan is a werewolf, and in 1601 Transylvania, such creatures weren’t immortal—aging was merely slowed. Damian, too, had been born a werewolf, but he was abducted by vampires and infected with the virus when they were two years old.

The brothers find that their father, King Lucian, has been abducted while their mother was murdered, so they embark on a journey to rescue their beloved patriarch. After they discover that it is the Jackal clan who is to blame, their eyes are opened to a deep secret Lucian has kept from the world—the Fire Opal, which opens the Sacred Spring. The mystical spring water grants immortality to anyone who drinks from it, and the Jackal clan members, who age normally, will use any means necessary—including torture—to get to it.

With the help of Valen, a wood nymph who protects the Hoia-Baciu Forest—the scariest forest in the world—the twins seek the gem’s location, and then only the first son of the first son can reach through its protective ring of fire to retrieve it.
Audience 18+

Paranormal Romance Historical Fiction

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