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Trapped with the Billionaire

Erin Swann

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4.8 Stars
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His eyes drew me in. I wanted to hold back. One touch of his lips and he won.

I noticed him while basking on the beach in Barbados. I met him on the plane back home. It seemed like fate. Reality slapped me in the face when I got into the office Monday. Our company had been bought, and now I worked for him. Josh wanted to dismantle all that my family had built. I wasn’t letting him destroy three generations of work without a fight.

I’d seen her at a distance on vacation, met her on the plane back, and now she was seated across from me at the company we’d just purchased. Temptingly beautiful from a distance, Nicole had been intriguingly intelligent on first meeting, and now irritatingly obstinate. I had an assignment to complete, and she was in the way. The contract said I couldn’t fire her—at least not yet.

Competing visions for the company and mutual attraction collide in a volatile mix when Josh and Nicole are forced to work together. The discovery of a body on her property, and an old family secret, soon threaten more than the future of the business.

Romantic Suspense Contemporary Romance

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