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Cowboy Refuge (Howelton Texas Series, Book 1)

Janalyn Knight

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4.8 Stars
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Jayme Bonner and her young son—painful reminders of his own personal tragedy—are the last thing Ward Ramsey needs on his ranch. Yet when she applies for work, the desperate look in her eyes is more than he can stand. He gives her two weeks to prove she can do the job. But she doesn’t tell him about the danger that follows her.
Dusty, Jayme’s four-year-old son, sees through Wards crabby exterior to the sadness the man has carried for years. Desperate for a bond with a father-figure, Dusty pursues Ward with child-like hero-worship.
Despite his early resolve to keep his distance, Wards finds himself playing catch with Dusty and taking the boy and his mom fishing. When Ward’s best friend invites them all over for a barbecue and Jayme appears with makeup and her hair down in curls, Ward can no longer hide from the fact that he cares for his ranch hand.
Jayme learns about Wards agonizing past and suddenly his early behavior toward her makes sense. As he becomes tender and attentive, she falls in love with the man who has given her sanctuary.
When danger draws near, Ward is determined to protect Jayme and Dusty. But when Ward is injured in the war the cruel ex-con wages against her, Jayme decides it’s time to take the battle to the hateful man desperate to kill her.
The ex-con doesn’t stand a chance against a woman out for vengeance.

Contemporary Romance Romantic Suspense Western Romance

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