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CAPTURED - A Prison Bully Dark Romance

L.A. Cox

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4.2 Stars
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A bully, prison and new adult dark romance from Susannah K Stone. Previously writing as the acclaimed taboo author L.A. Cox:

“stories so hot they’ll melt your Kindle!”

“one of the hottest romances i have ever read”

“This author is a master of story telling”

“will leave you panting for more!”


From my dad. From my home. And from the government’s new Young Offenders Centre, a teenage lockup for anyone the authorities deem undesirable.

Especially from Nick Curtis, the school bad boy who’s after my blood.

I didn’t bank on getting arrested. Getting jailed.

I certainly didn’t bank on Nick Curtis being locked up with me.

Neither did he.

And now? He wants revenge.

Now he wants me captured…

Book 1 of the BREAKING THE YOC trilogy. Book 2 – HUNTED – and Book 3 – FREED – available to pre-order now.


“Well-written smut – I love it! I have a huge appreciation for intelligent writing and good editing.”

“very sizzling hot taboo story you don’t want to miss out on.”

“another fabulous book by L A Cox. Bravo to one of the best taboo authors around.”

“hot taboo book guaranteed to make you need to change your panties!!!”

“never wanted to put the book down but that’s always the case, love reading from this author”

“oh my the steam is immense”

“off the charts hot n sexy.”

“hot read that will set your panties on fire!!!!”*

CAPTURED is the first in a dark romance ebook series which follows character and story arcs over three books. Small cliffhangers in this book and Book 2, but full payoff in Book 3.

All three books are intended for ages 18+ only. All characters featured are of/above the age of consent.

Please note this book is set in the UK and uses UK spellings, slang and references to UK law.

Dark Romance New Adult Romance General Action & Adventure

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