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The Duke & I - The Princess of Blackmare

Veronica Skye

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The Duke wants me. I must fulfill the duty to my country.

But there is more to me than meets the eye.

It was 672 BC and the Central Kingdom had been divided into over a hundred of warring fiefdoms. The army of my country, Lirong, perched high on top of the secluded Mount Blackmare had been miserably defeated by the invading army from the State of Jin, one of the biggest states of all with a Duke that was ready to crown himself King.

The Duke demanded not only compensation in foodstuff and livestock from my father, the Baron of Lirong, he also wanted beauties from Lirong to decorate his court. When his eyes landed on my younger sister and I, I knew my opportunity for revenge had come.

Amid the chaos in the war-torn state of Lirong, I prepared carefully for my long and assiduous journey from Lirong to Jin with the help of my childhood sweetheart. Us, weaklings compared to the beasts from Jin, were going to turn their country upside down. I would use not only the advantage of my unrivaled beauty, but also my incredible wit to make the Duke of Jin succumb.

Read the book to take this amazing and dangerous journey with me in the beautiful landscape of Northwestern China, where the beginning of the Great Wall of China was starting to form.

Dear readers, this is an alternative historical romance with dramatizations of actual historical events about the legendary Princess Liji from Lirong. She was named one of the four most vicious beauties in ancient Chinese history. All the main characters in the story were also real.

Note that this is Book 1 of The Princess of Blackmare series and it ends with a cliffhanger. The whole series will span nearly twenty years of Liji's life.

Historical Romance

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