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Christmas Spirit: Ghost Cozy Mystery Series

Morgana Best

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Do you like cozy mysteries with a little romance?

Prudence Wallflower tours the country, making live appearances. She connects people with loved ones who have passed on. However, her reputation as a clairvoyant medium is failing, and even Prudence has begun to doubt herself. She has never seen a ghost, but receives impressions from the dead. This all changes when the ghost of a detective appears to her in bodily form and demands her help to solve a murder. Prudence finds herself out of her depth as an amateur sleuth, and to make matters worse, she is more attracted to this ghost than any man she has ever met.

In this cozy mystery series so far:
1. Christmas Spirit
2. Ghost Hunter
3. There Must be a Happy Medium

Note: This is a romantic cozy mystery about ghosts. It is a clean read, a supernatural ghost mystery.
Christmas Spirit (The Middle-aged Ghost Whisperer Book 1) will suit readers who like supernatural mystery books and cozy mystery books about amateur sleuths and ghosts.
All Morgana Best books are clean cozy mysteries.

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