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Mystic Awakenings: Paranormal World, Book Three

C.C. Solomon

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5.0 Stars
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We have to save all paranormal kind before it’s too late.

Things were hard enough before, but now that the Original Soulmates are targeting my friends and I… well, things are downright dire.

There are some sights you can never unsee. Visions of my brother, my chosen mate, and my friends meeting their individual gruesome ends? That is something that will stay with me forever. The Originals made me experience the faux tragedies and their message is clear--do things our way or they all die.

The problem is that doing things their way could lead to the genocide of all non-gifted humans and suppression of all paranormals. That’s just not something my group and I can accept. Even if it puts our life at risk, we have to fight for the future--our own and the humans.

But when a sickness arises, driving magical creatures to madness and murder, our attention is divided. The Originals. Their Followers. The sickness. We definitely have our work cut out for us.

So many people to save… so little time to save them.

General Fantasy Paranormal Romance New Adult Romance

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