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The Price of Desire

PE Kavanagh

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4.7 Stars
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All Lalune wants to do is sing.
Problem is, she's underwater. Literally.
This despairing mermaid needs a way out. Only a miracle will do.

Monique’s exit from her blazing culinary career has left her heart raw and cold.
A sizzling weekend with a sexy stranger melts her defenses. But is it enough to light her fire once again?

These two stories move from the dark depths of the ocean to a Las Vegas penthouse, intersecting with a spicy connection full of sparks and surprise.

The Price of Desire is a steamy, standalone, contemporary romance interlaced with fantasy elements.

Women's Fiction Contemporary Romance General Fantasy

Message from PE Kavanagh

"A superbly written and perceptive novel, by turns graceful and trenchant. Kavanagh is particularly good at rendering the inner life of a woman in love, her dreams and insecurities. Every man in a relationship with a woman should read this book."

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