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“She poked you back! She wants the D!”

Math nerd Conner would've never thought the hottest girl in college would ever give him the time of day. When she asks for him to start tutoring him it seems like his prayers have been answered. But when she cancels every session his hopes return to the realm of fantasy. However, his life suddenly gets turned upside down when he mysteriously gets struck by lightning while coding a website. Conner unknowingly creates a digital magical button that turns Brianna in submissive bimbo goddess!

With the powers of his new website, the girl who was out of his league is now screaming his name!Brianna have been acting like he never existed but now she can’t get enough of Conner’s new massive manhood! But this is just the beginning of his new plans

“...they will ALL become his bimbo.”

Contains themes of MnF bimbofication, mind control, and hypnosis.

Short Erotica Dark Erotica

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