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Lucifer's Emblem

Sarah Biglow

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A stolen relic. A false identity. An apocalypse in the making.

When Lucifer’s Emblem—his one defense against the Archangels who banished him from Heaven—is stolen, his daughter, Zuri tracks the thief to Celestial Academy. As the child of a Fallen, she’d never be allowed entry to the school for the descendants of angels and saints. Instead, she dons a fake identity, leading her right into the path of Miryam bat-Michael.

Miryam may be the daughter of the Archangel Michael, but she’s far from perfect. Craving the love of a father who is barely around, she seeks admiration and affection wherever she can find it. Even if that means throwing in with Zuri, the girl who doesn’t fit in.

A tentative alliance blooms as the girls uncover the thief’s true motives: Lucifer’s emblem can unleash Armageddon and Zuri’s blood breaks the seal. Zuri’s only hope of averting the apocalypse and escaping death is to trust Miryam. But is their growing bond strong enough to overcome eons of bad blood between Fallen and Archangels?

LGBT Romance Paranormal Romance Teen and Young Adult

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