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Enchanted Souls Series Forever Book 5

Alice Jamison

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4.0 Stars
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Dove is surprised to find Jackson in her bed when he was nowhere near her to begin with. Simi is even more surprised and Arlette still doesn’t believe anything that’s going on. She just wants to get her best friend to a safe space, away from all this madness. After the ordeal with her kidnappers, Tabby is in hospital and everyone believes Jackson put her there. She doesn’t correct them.
Meanwhile, Frank finds himself kidnapped; used to kill his own daughter. Dove is forced to make a tough decision that can change her life forever. She must accept her destiny as an all-powerful witch, a choice that, despite all that it can do for her and her family, is not quite the easiest. She doesn’t have much time to make the decision because the very same assassins who long ago came after her mother are now after her, only this time, they’ve brought an entire army and what’s worse. The Beast is right behind them. Is the necklace and destined love really enough to save them all?

Paranormal Romance General Romance Romantic Suspense

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