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Broken Signs: An Edgy Christian/Inspirational Romance

Sarah Tomlinson

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4.4 Stars
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Ellie: I didn’t hear or understand the world like everyone else. What I can tell you is I knew I had found the love of my life and I would love him until I breathed my last breath. But that’s the thing about life, it throws you curve balls you never saw coming. Life can rip your heart out and leave you gasping for air as you try to make sense of the world that continues to move on without you. And then when you think you cannot go on another minute, the rain clouds part and you catch a glimpse of sunlight.

Nolan: I loved her the moment I saw her. Crazy right? Yet true all the same. But she wasn’t mine, as her heart belonged to another. I accepted that and willed myself to move on. But then the unimaginable happened and it turned our world upside down. She left and I knew I had to give her space, but now she’s back and I’ve been given the chance of a lifetime. Only problem is I don’t know if I’ll ever be enough for her, to help glue the pieces of her broken heart back together.

“A raw, heartbreaking story of grief, forgiveness, and finding love again. An edgy yet inspirational Christian romance that brings the hard truths of life into the pages. It shows God is in everything, not just the happily ever after moments!”

Inspirational Romance Christian Fiction Religious and Inspirational

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