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Sundown Wolves Collection: The Complete Series Box Set

Aria Chase

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A sheltered heiress.
A wolf shifter from the wrong side of the tracks.
And one reckless night of lust that threatens to destroy life as they know it.
Their passion consumes them, and their love unites them. But will they be willing to risk everything — even their own lives — for the chance to be together?

When an Alpha wolf is betrayed, he'll stop at nothing to get revenge on his enemies and secure his position in the pack. But when he claims the traitor's sister as his mate, will his growing hunger for her outweigh his desire for reparation?

Wolf shifter Orion knows primary duty is to his pack.
But how can he focus on work—or anything else for that matter—when he can't take his eyes off his curvy assistant?
The sparks of physical attraction flying between them are one thing. Expecting Natalie to accept his true identity? That’s another thing entirely. And the fact that Orion is a wolf shifter? That might be the only thing the ever-capable Natalie just can’t handle.

Paranormal Romance General Fantasy

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