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Little Bird

Kelsie Rae

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5.0 Stars
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*Little Bird is meant to be enjoyed after experiencing Wild Card and Dark King in the Advantage Play Series*

They call me a princess, but I've never been anything but a hostage in my own home.

Until one day, a rival family gets their hands on me.

That’s when I learn what true fear is, and what it really means to be a prisoner.

As I’m held for ransom, my brother bides his time to rescue me. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I’m strong enough to survive my new captor, Dex, or the feelings his presence sparks.

When we meet, he gives me a new name. Little Bird.

But not all little birds are meant to fly. Some will always be kept in cages, which begs the question: is he going to set me free, or lock me away forever?

They call me Dex, the enforcer for the Allegretti family, and right hand man to one of the most brutal men in the business.

I had one job. Keep my hands to myself and protect the little bird in my custody.

Simple. Transactional. Just another day in the mob. Then she opens her pouty mouth and turns my world upside down.

Under her spell, I'm asked to betray the only family I've ever known, which begs the question: is she the real prisoner, or am I?

Action & Adventure Romance Contemporary Romance Romantic Suspense

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