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The Viscount's Valentine

Chelli Larsen

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4.5 Stars
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Miss Lizzie Howard is tired of waiting.

Miss Lizzie Howard has waited ten long years for the man of her dreams to return from the army and marry her. But when Lizzie learns that Jack is still reluctant to wed her after their long engagement, she does the only sensible thing and runs away.

Viscount Cavendish, Jack to his friends and family, has known Lizzie his entire life. She has dogged his heels, bruised his ego, and an eye once for good measure. At the tender age of eighteen, Jack lost a drunken wager and was cajoled into asking for her hand in marriage. The next morning, he promptly joined the army and hasn’t returned home in ten years.

No longer a child, Jack knows that it’s time to face up to his responsibilities. But when he goes to fetch her, he learns she has run away to escape him. Embarrassed and angry that she has once again thwarted him, Jack chases after her.

Tempers clash, and hijinks ensue when you add in a pair of scapegrace cousins and a meddling inn keeper. Will Lizzie forgive Jack for running off to war and forgetting about her?

Fall in love with these two in The Viscount’s Valentine.

Inspirational Romance Historical Romance Women's Fiction

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