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Over Easy

Casey Wyatt

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What’s that saying? Never say never?

I never thought I’d return to my hometown, Somerset Vermont. I left twelve years earlier without a backward glance. Too many bad memories, not enough good. Now, I’m a celebrity chef in between gigs trying to pay back a karmic debt by becoming co-owner of the town’s fading diner, Over Easy.

I also never planned to find my former high school flame, Audra Harper, still in town and still working at her uncle’s diner. She’s sexier and even more desirable than a decade earlier.

Too bad I left her behind without even saying goodbye. All I can hope is that she’s forgotten me and never learns the truth behind my abrupt exit.
Only, she hasn’t forgotten me. And the more time we spend together, the harder it is for me to resist her. The harder it is to want to leave.

I don’t intend to hurt Audra again but if the mistakes from my past come to light, the decision will be made for me and that second chance will vanish.

Contemporary Romance Small Town Romance Romantic Comedy

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