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Mall Santas: A Reverse Harem Christmas Romance

JB Trepagnier

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4.4 Stars
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Four hot mall Santas save the day.Christmas used to be my favorite holiday. Until last year. Last year, I was supposed to get married in Vegas at the stroke of midnight on Christmas day. I had the perfect wedding planned. If only I’d picked the perfect fiancé. I caught him in our bed with some blonde two days before the wedding and now I’ve turned into Scrooge.Everyone is used to my epic Christmas cards, but I can’t come up with an appropriate theme this year. We have one of the biggest malls in the country and they decided to allow dogs in for Santa photos. I was a little bummed the fire department was supplying the Santas instead of getting a photo of my pit bull with someone who really did look like Santa.That is, until my Santa is drop dead gorgeous and treats my dog well. A balloon pops and spooks my dog. Queenie bolts and gets lost in sea of Christmas shoppers in a hug mall. Cue four hot firemen dressed as Santa to my rescue. They all really want to help find my dog. They are treating this like a covert, black ops mission. They are all so sweet too.If we can find my dog, I intend to invite them back home for a home cooked meal. They all have to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Maybe I can have a better Christmas than last year and make the holidays better for four great guys who do so much for the community.Proceeds from Mall Santas will be going towards the rescue I adopted my own goofy pit bull from 2 days before Christmas 6 years ago. They took in a lot of sick kittens during kitten season and have a large tab at the local vet. My contact at the rescue advised the donation would be best used by going directly towards their vet bill and the vet also had a fundraiser set up in their name

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