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Dirty Belinda: A Young Woman's Erotic Obsession with her Best Friend's Billionaire Daddy

Lulu Cherry

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4.5 Stars
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Sam is an older man; Belinda is a younger woman. Sam is an experienced alpha male; Belinda is an unprotected brat with a wild imagination. Sam is Belinda's best friend's Daddy, and Belinda is crushing on him bad.

This is Dirty Belinda. An erotic novel that contains a bundle of scenes so explicit and hot they will set you on fire.

Belinda has always wished she could be Sam's special babygirl. While these fantasies have always held Belinda's wild heart captive, they've also been completely unattainable. But now that Belinda has blossomed into full maturity that is all about to change.

Belinda has decided that it's time for her first time, and she doesn't want it to be with just any ordinary wicked bad boy. No. She has her eyes set on the most special Man of the House of them all, her best friend's Man of the House, Sam.

Belinda wants to be her own matchmaker, but will Sam find her proposal all too primal? Will their age gap drive him away? Or will Sam become Belinda's new teacher in the ways of love?

Belinda has an entire collection of dark fantasies she has dreamed up about her favorite possessive alpha male. Can she make them come true? Will instalove strike at just the right moment to give Belinda the man she is desperate for?

You can bet that dirty Belinda is going to club her desired mate over the head with every one of her capricious and delicious desires. And if she's lucky, he will return the favor.

What Belinda dreams of most is the forbidden fantasy of submission. But would Sam ever go that far, or get that rough and aggressive, even just in play? Belinda intends to find out.

This erotic novel is not to be missed. It's time to play house with Dirty Belinda

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