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Shelter Part 1

Zachary M. Montgomery

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What will happen when all the money in the world becomes worthless?

Before the collapse we were powerful, wealthy, greedy. As America ushered in a new progressive age the unfathomable greed of our government became a detriment to our future. We saw the dollar strong, a pillar of perfection unable to fail; until it became worthless. While other nations thrived converting to cryptocurrency we struggled to eat, to drink, to survive. Then, without warning, all the crypto vanished setting all accounts to zero - The Reset.

A panic took hold of the world as secure infrastructure began to fail. Riots led to mass civil unrest as citizens took whatever they could to survive by any means necessary. As the major urban metros began to fail, systems were in place to prolong their inevitable demise, a dystopia ruled by martial law to push back the approaching apocalypse.

This became our downfall, our doomsday, our quiet end to the world we once knew. The ruins of a failed world are now home, a place of freedom and opportunity where our future is ours alone to craft. Beyond the divide of what remains is hope, is a light, and the truth behind how it all came crashing down. As we seek shelter there hides those responsible for the death of our world.

Shelter follows three perspectives - Scott as he works for the gangs in the south side of Chicago, Andrew plotting his escape from his family's estate, and Dani through her diary entries. While Scott struggle with his morality, Andrew fights to prove he is a man capable of venturing out to the new, ruined world. Dani's diary chronicles the events leading to the Reset.

Shelter details the dystopian end of the world in a realistic fashion. The apocalyptic landscape is riddled with dangers for our heroes to overcome as the navigate their survival in a socially divided world.

General Science Fiction General Action & Adventure Teen and Young Adult

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