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Little Emmett: A Horror Novel

Abe Moss

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“They’re going to tell you we’re crazy…”

…Emmett’s mother says as their little rusted car struggles to climb the mountainside. She’s taking him somewhere safe. In the forest ahead lies a house full of children like him—children whose parents have been diagnosed like her. Mentally ill.

The Cradle—a government organization hellbent on eradicating the condition—believe they have the ultimate solution. Like any other disease, they seek to quarantine it. Entire families ripped apart and placed in asylums. Total removal from the gene pool, they say. For the future of humanity…

Now Emmett can’t decide what’s more frightening: this new home where he’ll supposedly be safe, hidden from The Cradle and its horrific reputation…

…or the ideas in his mother’s head which led them there in the first place.

General Horror General Suspense

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