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The City of Emeralds

Jami Klein

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4.0 Stars
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No One Escapes the Jewel Academy

On lockdown by the Federal Bureau of Magical Investigation, Jewel Academy is going to have to forfeit the annual Sigil Games.

Not if Lola can help it.

With the vampire delegation led by her “friend with blood benefits” Andrei and the shifter contingent represented by her brooding bodyguard Stefan, all Lola needs is for the witch covens to vote her in as their candidate.

Except, they hate her.

Of course, then the team must figure out a way to sneak past armed guards and magical traps to get to Ireland’s Emerald City where the games are being held.

Easier said than done. But if it was easy, Lola wouldn't be interested.

Waiting for Lola at the Sigil games is more than a healthy competition between magic schools. The man who killed her father is rumored to be there. Lola wants revenge more than she wants the three wishes the number one team gets, even if forfeiting the competition could put her life and her teammates’ lives at risk.

Teen and Young Adult General Fantasy Paranormal Romance

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