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The Cowboy's Hope

Aubrey Michelle

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One year.
One will.
A marriage and a baby, or we lose everything.

I’d taken care of Ben Winston during his final days, and was there for him when his own family deserted him so why did he punish me during the reading of his will?

The lawyer said that I have to marry his grandson, Curt, within three months of the reading of the will for the two of us to inherit half of the land. After that, we have to have a baby within one year to secure the other half of the estate; if we don’t, we both lose everything to charity.

He was my first kiss. My first boyfriend. My first….everything.

We both need the money for different reasons so we decide to play house just long enough to get what we both need, and then we can divorce, right?

The problem is, I never thought Curt Winston could make me fall in love with him all over again. I should’ve known he’d play for keeps, especially once I was carrying his baby.

Western Romance Contemporary Romance New Adult Romance

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