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The Great Gaspar: A Love Story

Francisco Cordoba

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Candice gave him her virginity and her heart.
Gaspar Bosanquet gave her a promise and a pile of cash.
Then he disappeared.

Adrift in Golegã with dwindling resources, an erratic new friend, and the growing suspicion that her trust was terribly misplaced, Candice fears she did indeed sell her innocence.

Desperate, and dogged by the massive dark stranger who watches her every move, her only option is to flee.

In Lisbon, reunited with friends Jasmine and Nico, Candice teaches English by day and dreams of Bosanquet by night, while side-stepping the attentions of no less than four men:

Over-protective Nico.

Pierre, the Teflon-smooth Frenchman with a fetish for Candice’s hair.

Roberto, the angry Italian.

And cadaverous Diogo, whose rose-colored scrutiny fills her with foreboding.

Treading an emotional tightrope between faith and fear, Candice conceals her mounting anxiety behind a façade of poise and professionalism.

But her precarious existence comes to a head one fateful night when a terrifying figure from the past catches up with her.

Will Khalid’s psychotic desires come true?

Or will the Great Gaspar return and save her?

The Great Gaspar is Book 2 in The Horsemen of Golegã series. I highly recommend that you read Book 1, Bosanquet, first.
Warning: Adult content. For readers 18+ due to swearing, explicit sex, and a small amount of graphic violence.

Romantic Suspense Women's Fiction Paranormal Romance

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