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Sylvie Fox

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Supposedly, a sex tape can make a Hollywood career. It killed mine. I was a child actress who didn’t fail miserably after puberty. I didn’t do drugs, rob a bank, or join a cult. I was the youngest actress to ever win an Academy Award. I was on the verge of a great career until one stupid night—caught on tape—brought it all crashing down on me. All I want is to be left alone with my dog…but I can’t keep my eyes or hands off the builder…


My dad gave me the name of a Greek God. I’ve never been able to live up to it. I’ve messed up my life and my sister’s life, and I’ve done the unthinkable. Now my one and only client, reclusive mega star Gemma Hart wants me to take her to bed. To keep my only job and my reputation, I know I should refuse…but…I’m tempted.

Contemporary Romance Erotic Romance

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