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If Nuns Were Wives

Shani Chen

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What could a nun possibly know about marriage?

It turns out that many of the skills learned while preparing to enter the nunnery are actually applicable in marriage. Written by once aspiring nun, Shani Chen, If Nuns Were Wives offers a glimpse into a lifestyle that is rarely explored, while revealing the surprising lessons that can be gained when viewing marriage through the lens of a nun. In this collection of lively first-hand anecdotes, If Nuns Were Wives provides women with a roadmap to a fulfilling, loving, dedicated, and successful marriage.

In an unconventional way of delivering relationship advice, If Nuns Were Wives takes one on a journey into the monastery- transcending dogma and religion- and makes the role of the American wife the new holy temple for relationships. Using simple and easy-to-understand language, Chen guides women to not only find peace in their home, but to be utterly adored and revered by their spouse.

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