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On Her Trail

Liza Mitchell

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4.0 Stars
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“So you just wander the woods asking men to tie you up and take you?”
“No,” she answered quietly. “Only you.”
“Only you,” she gasped.
“Arms up.”


He’s a very friendly serial killer.

Her heart raced. She couldn’t get a full breath. A buzz spread across her skin. Shouldn’t adrenaline be kicking in? Fight or flight and all that. Exhaling slowly, she raked her teeth over her lower lip. Ginny, stop that! Remember, the grizzly is a code yellow? Not code red-light district!

“You okay?” he asked abruptly, letting go of her so forcefully she almost fell over.

“Yup. Thanks.” She ducked her head and trudged ahead of him on the path.

Whelp. Either he’s getting a great view of my butt, or I just gave him the opportunity to get out his knife and rope.
Hopefully, the knife stayed in his pocket…

You will love this quick, steamy short story with a strong alpha, a sassy heroine, a little pain, and a lot of lip.

This book is a standalone story in the Deep Desires collection.

Short Erotica Dark Erotica Erotic Romance

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