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Storm of the Eighth Spire

Tavian Royal

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Monty and her companions have failed!

With the rise of the land, Arkenndrall, four demons and their abominable armies rain chaos upon the realm. All the while, dragons plan their final assault to break the ancient shield and return to everlasting power. Besieged by these forces of darkness, the empire implements their grand scheme to create a storm. A storm so massive that it would sweep across the lands with the sole purpose to cleanse it of evil and all dissension.

Faced with impending destruction, the forces of good continue to wane. Cowardly lords abandon their duties and escape to other realms. Jealous elves protect their prized captured cities but with no way to defend themselves. Decadent imperial citizens huddle in shielded metropolises while the seemingly benevolent empire drains them of their very soul. And with so much despair, the priests are nowhere to be found.

Despite these challenges, Monty, Calais and the other heroes return to Castle Pellandarr with a single hope: unite their few remaining allies and stop these evil creatures before the realm is ripped apart. Little did they know, an old enemy has returned for its final revenge and not even Monty can stop it with her newfound power.

General Fantasy

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