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Trouble Undone

Kinney Scott

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4.5 Stars
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Kelsey Fisher refuses to mask the qualities that make her successful.
Is she competitive? All day long.
Aggressive? Sure, when she needs to be.
Impatient? Ask the guy she just passed on the highway - he’s probably still coughing on the dust left by her wake.
She’s hard to take, but Kels can’t compromise.
As an owner of Venture, an outdoor guiding business, she needs those qualities to face the challenge of a remote mountain trail or a run on a class-five river.
Yet, there a times when she needs to unplug and go way off grid.
Only one man understands her softer side – the surfer she crosses paths with on the Oregon Coast. He’s uncomplicated, gorgeous, effortless.
Unfortunately, Mark’s destined to follow the waves and move on.

Contemporary Romance New Adult Romance Action & Adventure Romance

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A sizzling end of summer hot new release.

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