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Postcards from Paris

Rebekah Dodson

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One night ruined our friendship, ten years down the drain. We had been everything for each other. Elijah was my rock, my brick. He had been there through my parents’ divorce, my many breakups, and we had started a magazine out of my garage together. We built that baby from the ground up.

Then I got an email that would change my life; 10,000 flier miles, the world at my fingertips…

You know when you wish you could remember what you did wrong, but it just won't come to you? That was my life these days. My best friend, Rochelle, was gone. Alicia, my wife, was always working, the only bright light these days was my nephew Mikey. Until the mysterious postcards started arriving from Paris one day. I knew they were from her.

Ah, Oui. I carry her secret, and my own. I love to cook, I love her, and her past makes me wish I wasn't a non-violent man. I have loved her from the moment she set foot in the cafe, she is Mon Amour.

Chick Lit Women's Fiction Contemporary Romance

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