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Not Another Set Piece

Nikki Kwiatkowski

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A Wedding Date Romance

Piper is busy. Too busy. She finds it easier to put her head down for the daily grind than deal with her train wreck of a personal life. This all changes when she is finally forced to RSVP to the destination wedding for her ex-fiancé. Piper is shocked to find out that her best friend has blindly asked the stunningly handsome Tristan Reed to pretend to be her boyfriend for the week. He has recently retired from professional soccer after representing the United States as a ruthless striker in the last World Cup. He also happens to be a childhood friend of the groom. Tristan agrees to the arrangement which sets off a whirlwind of a week, helping both he and Piper reinvigorate their true passions.

*profanity, sexual content

General Romance

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