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Ryan and Essie

Sarah Scheele

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Young Essie is convinced she is the Chosen One, a special girl destined to rule. Since modern America has no openings for monarchs, she must be intended to be somewhere else. And she has her answer when a space shuttle launch takes her and unwilling new friend Ryan a lot farther than intended, to the distant, ancient planet of Caricanus. But Essie isn't able to grasp the responsibilities that come with being part of an ancient prophecy. Mistakes start to happen. Her overconfidence doesn't serve her well. Ryan, caught in a subplot of intrigues with a shape-shifting girl named Lyssia, isn't up to the challenge either. He can't work with Essie and she is sure he has nothing to offer the quest. And they'd better get a grip before it's too late.

Children's Soft Science Fiction

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