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The Birthday Present

Sarah Scheele

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The Birthday Present. In the far future, the lands around Arnea are desolate, a wasteland that holds memories of an ancient war between humans and their mutant spinoffs, the GMFs. But to the three young military cadets at the Alf academy, those lands are unfamiliar—until a strange girl with blue eyes and a blue box in her hand comes their way. She’s sure she has a connection to the Emperor of the GMFs and no one can tell her otherwise. Because she’s right.
Millhaven Castle. In a land of stony foothills touched with green lies the little kingdom of Milland. The Milanders have a small population in their midst who remember how things were long ago when the former kings ruled the land. Now the party-going Falknors hold sway and want nothing to do with the Sherban dissenters. Well—that’s what Alyce thought. But the king of Milland suddenly seems to think all that former history is quite interesting.

General Science Fiction Teen and Young Adult

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